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A BIT ABOUT US (short for Stichting Foundation is a non-profit, public benefit organisation created by highly experienced meditators whose lives have been enriched and transformed through meditation. Trained by some of the world’s most preeminent Meditation Teachers, we wish to share these practices and knowledge with others.

Our mission is to foster greater health and well-being by making meditation relevant to today’s challenges and accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

​RSIN: 859487544

Chamber of Commerce number: 73363839


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What do we do?

We love meditation, it is invaluable to us.

We love MOOCs; they give us the flexibility to learn when, where and how.

And we love to innovate…

The idea that we can make meditation, delivered by the best and most experienced Meditation Teachers in the world, easily accessible, fun and available to millions of MOOC audiences around the world for free, is irresistible to us. 


We design and develop MOOCs together with our partners and our aim is to apply best practice in (online) learning to enhance the learning experience for all learners. 


We partner with other organisations who deliver meditation and meditation related courses. Our combined course delivery teams comprise of an international team of instructors, who are highly accomplished Meditators and who provide essential training and guidance in meditation practice to help people create lasting positive change.


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Founder & Chair

Sreekanth Beeram

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Company Secretary

Arnoud van Rens LLM

Risk & Compliance

Our team consists of professionals, who are seasoned meditation practitioners and meditation teachers. We personally use MOOCs for our continuing professional education and we want to use MOOCs to make meditation and its benefits, more accessible and available to the general public.


All members of the team are unpaid volunteers and do not receive salaries.

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2022 Objectives

Teaching for Understanding and Empowerment

In 2021, we continued to serve a growing online community and explore best practice in teaching and learning. In 2022, we aim to develop additional meditation and meditation related courses that nurture resilience, stability, innovation and creativity.

Establishing successful partnerships with learning platforms is also one of the key objectives. Along with the development and implementation of a successful acquisition and retention strategy for course participants.  

Professional Growth



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