About Us

3iMOOX.org (short for Stichting Foundation 3iMOOX.org) is a non-profit, public benefit organisation dedicated to sharing the transformative power of meditation with the world.

Our highly experienced meditators have been trained by renowned teachers and are passionate about making meditation accessible to all.

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Unlock the Power of Meditation: Accessible Learning for All

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We are a passionate group that values meditation and believes it is essential in our lives. We also highly appreciate MOOCs as they provide us with the opportunity to learn at our own convenience and in our own preferred way. Furthermore, we are dedicated to innovation.

The concept of making meditation easily accessible and enjoyable to millions of MOOC users worldwide, by delivering it through the expertise of the best Meditation Teachers, is simply irresistible to us.

Our mission

Our goal is to promote improved health and overall well-being by offering meditation practices that are both applicable to the issues we face in today's world and easily accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or schedule.

We believe that meditation can be a powerful tool for navigating the challenges of modern life and finding inner peace. By providing accessible resources and techniques, we aim to empower individuals to incorporate meditation into their daily routines and experience the benefits it can bring.

Whether someone is a beginner or an experienced practitioner, our mission is to make meditation a widely accessible and relevant practice for all.

Our vision

We envision a world where individuals are fully aware and conscious of their spiritual essence. In this world, the innate virtues of the soul will radiate through their thoughts, words, actions, and interactions with others. As a result, a profound transformation will occur, bringing forth a harmonious and blissful state known as heaven on earth.

This ideal world will be a sanctuary of spiritual enlightenment, where individuals embrace the divine qualities within themselves and extend them to the world around them. By awakening to their spiritual identity, people will be guided by love, compassion, kindness, and respect, fostering deep connections and nurturing meaningful relationships.

It is through this collective awakening that we can truly manifest a utopian existence, a world where the spiritual essence of humanity triumphs over all else.

Our team

Our team consists of experienced meditation practitioners and teachers, who are dedicated to making meditation and its numerous benefits more accessible to the general public.

As professionals in our field, we understand the importance of continuous education and personally utilize MOOCs for our professional development. By leveraging the power of MOOCs, we aim to create a platform that allows individuals from all walks of life to easily access and learn meditation techniques.

Our team members are all volunteers, driven by their passion for meditation, and do not receive any financial compensation for their efforts. Together, we strive to promote mindfulness and well-being, ensuring that everyone can experience the transformative effects of meditation regardless of their background or circumstances.

Drs Cherie Chin-A-Fo

Founder / Chair

Sreekanth Beeram


Sonal Shah FCCA

Company Secretary

Arnoud van Rens LLM


2023 Objectives

In 2023, our main objectives revolve around the development of new courses that emphasize resilience, stability, innovation, and creativity through meditation and related practices.

Additionally, we are committed to forming strong partnerships with various learning platforms to expand our reach and offer enhanced growth and learning opportunities to a broader audience.

Moreover, we are determined to implement a strategic approach to attracting and retaining course participants, ensuring their ongoing engagement and satisfaction. With these goals as our guiding principles, we are enthusiastic about starting the new year and making a positive impact on the lives of our students.