The Online Practical Meditation Course

In our modern world, the pace of life is growing ever faster and we are losing touch with our true inner power and peace. We can experience ourselves being pushed and pulled in many different directions. Gradually, over time, this leads to our mental, emotional and physical health thrown out of balance. Hence spiritual knowledge and meditation are useful to effectively address the challenges of the time.

This course gives you access to powerful and yet easy to implement techniques of Raja Yoga Meditation. Explore and experience the beauty and strength of your own inner being and enable yourself to effectively address the challenges of our modern world.

Learn and be guided by two of the most experienced Raja Yoga teachers, Sr Jayanti Kirpalani and Charlie Hogg.


Find out what is meditation and what the benefits are.


Find out more about our course activities consisting of three activities: Explanation, Exploration and Experience

Experiential Learning

Find out more about the course structure and delivery formats by module and week.

Learn anytime, anywhere

For more information about the course, the instructors and to sign up, please visit our course page.

About the Course


"I enjoyed the MOOC and the new exercises... It's like a game and fun. I liked the videos..."

Sandrine, France

"I have enjoyed and learned every minute. I think it is a beautiful course for everyone interested in meditation..."

Jolanda, The Netherlands

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