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Use Spiritual Knowledge

Do you ever look at the state of our world and that of humanity and observe chaos, messiness and a seemingly endless destructive nature of human behaviour and activities and wonder what is going on and where this will all lead us? It's at these times that spiritual knowledge, understanding and wisdom of the significance of this time and the opportunity it presents to learn, to grow and awaken is most needed. It's with great compassion, humility and servitude that one then can realise the benefit and absolute perfection of it all. Use spiritual knowledge to see and understand the beauty and benefits of our seemingly messy, chaotic and destructive behaviour and activities and make sense of it all.


The key skills to use spiritual knowledge to improve my life experience and that of others are:

  1. To describe what's there

  2. To consider different view points

  3. To reason with evidence

  4. To make connections

  5. To capture the heart and form conclusions

  6. To build explanations

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