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SOS: Stop Observe and Steer

The following three-step process, S.O.S., is very helpful to develop the power of choice over your thinking.


By stopping, you give yourself a chance to separate yourself from the influence of your thoughts. Just as you might stand on a platform watching trains, observe your train of thoughts.


Once you are observing your thoughts, you can then decide whether they are what you would like them to be or not.


Gently, without force, steer away from any negative thought by creating another thought which is positive. In this way you start to re-programme your mind to think the type of thoughts you wish to think.

You are the creator of your own thoughts

If you are not able to create and sustain your own thought patterns, you become dependent on input from outside – on people and situations or your old habitual patterns of thinking from inside.

You always have the power of choice

The practice of SOS can help you change the way you think helping you to replace the existing thought patterns. Be patient with yourselves. All of us have all built up some deep habits in our thinking and so it may take some time and effort to make the change.

So, use the Stop, Observe and Steer process to create new patterns of thinking.

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