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Does Meditation help to be more successful?

Some people ask this question: will meditation help me to be more successful? And my first response is, what does success mean to you? What does it look like, what will it feel like and how will it sound?

Success means different things for different people and often different things at different stages of our life. It's often after some reflection that we discover what it is that we are seeking to experience in our quest or desire for possessions, position and or relationship. The experiences we fundamentally seek are universal: security, peace, love, happiness, power and or wisdom or some element of these.

A meditative practice is an inner journey and it takes courage. To step into your own power means to take responsibility. Or you could say response-ability, to enable oneself to give an appropriate response. It is actually a journey to discover the wonder of our own being, but with that realization comes the call from within to be that, to act according to that. Being the best you can takes courage. Are you ready for that?

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