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The just-a-minute initiative is a great way to incorporate meditation in your daily life. Go through the 7 Step program and use the resources to get your meditation off on a flying start.

"The 7-step programme helps us to experience just-a-minute as an exploration, a journey to uncover the true power of our minds through accurate understanding of who we are.

How?... Using the one-minute meditations, in each step, we can experience the true feelings behind such words as ‘relaxation’ and ‘meditation’. The power of just-a-minute gently cultivates self-understanding and with easy daily practice, one minute at a time, we can bring fresh inspiration and enthusiasm for life.

Then there is the greater leap!… Consider connecting with the eternal source of fabulous feeling…..with this move we can really experience a natural ever-present power in our lives….."

All just-a-minute meditations can be downloaded for FREE from

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