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What's a MOOC?

MOOCs (short for Massive Open Online Courses) are online courses designed for a large numbers of participants. They can be accessed by anyone who has an internet connection, from anywhere, are open to everyone without entry qualifications and offer a full/complete course experience and often for free.

The content of the MOOCs consisting of lectures, videos, and text can be accessed at any time and this provides flexibility to learners to engage based on their own personal schedules.

MOOCs make it easier for learners across the globe to work together on common goals, to meet and collaborate online, to share their understanding and experience and enables learners to learn by teaching. 

Step by Step ...

Step by Step ...

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The best Teachers ...


Explore Experience...


Anywhere, Anytime...


At your own pace...


Learn by teaching...


In-Power Yourself.



MOOCs: About

Why do MOOCs (still) matter?

Find out why we are so excited about MOOCs. Watch the Ted Talk by Anant Agarwal, the CEO of edX.

We work collaboratively with our partners and aim to apply best practice in (online) teaching to allow our learners to master the content of our courses.

We therefore continue to research best practice in both teaching and online learning.

And we explore the latest technology to improve the learning experience for our participants and to make learning fun and engaging.

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